Julian Jaring

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B.o.H. Physiotherapist - Personal Trainer

With 7 years of experience as a personal trainer and 5 years as a physiotherapist, I can give you perfect guidance in training and will help you reach your goals together with you.

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Areas of Expertise

- Personal training
- Physiotherapy
- McGill lower back specialist
- Advanced weightlifting trainer 
- Neurac 2 therapist

My main goal in personal training is to create a better quality of movement for my clients by doing physical exercises. The physical exercises will consist of movements you use in daily life, like: push, pull, squat and lift. 

Due to the fact that I'm a licensed physiotherapist, it is also possible to train while recovering from an injury or even in the acute phase of it. More than others I have an affinity with lower back complaints. Even clients with an active hernia trained throughout the process and I got them back on their feet.

Myself I train at the highest level for 3x3 basketball. Together with the Dutch national selection I try to get the Dutch to the olympics in Tokyo in 2020. In our way towards the olympics, we play at various tournaments around the world.



Personal training 10x             €850,- (one on one personal training)

Duo Personal training 10x       €950,- (train together with a friend)


Prices are excluding membership(s) at Gustav gym


George Gershwinlaan 520

1082 MT Amsterdam 

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