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Areas of Expertise

Personal training

In the past few years the value of personal training has come more and more to people's attention. With a personal trainer, the same training can be twice as effective as when you train on your own. Every training is fit to you and can be changed on the spot if necessary. 


The view of a physiotherapist is usually not the view of a personal trainer. Yet, being able to view both sides of the spectrum, I can give you best of both worlds. Especially when recovering from an injury or when still in rehabilitation, I can be your guide throughout the process of training.

McGill lower back specialist

Dr. Stuart McGill is a Canadian researcher with a very effective method for people with lower back problems. Other than the view of many physiotherapists he states: "No lower back problem is non-specific, there is always a reason for pain." At the moment I've completed all the parts of the course. The last step for me is to qualify for an assessment to become a "Back fit pro certified practitioner".

Ann Cools advanced shoulder rehab

Prof. Dr. Ann Cools is a physiotherapist from Belgium who has devoted her career to the rehabilitation of shoulder complaints. She has created an evidence based method of shoulder training to work on all the different shoulder complaints. All the exercises are tested with EMG to check for effectivity. In December this year (2020) I will do the last part of the learning cycle.

Advanced weightlifting trainer 

In my training as a professional basketball player, I have done a lot of weightlifting. After my basketball career, my interest in weightlifting stayed and I started my education to become a weightlifting trainer at Dutch Strength. At the moment I am an advanced weightlifting trainer and would be very happy to help you in improving your techniques. Methods for improvement consist of a solid base of general movements and video analysis for the fine details of weightlifting.

My Approach

My approach in personal training consists of one thing: no excuses. Everyone is accountable for their own actions and I will be your mirror to show them to you. Only by being honest to yourself you can become better at anything. 

To start with we will do an intake with tests and measurements. The measurements are mainly for you to look back at later and the tests are there for me to see what your level of mobility/stability/strength is. In this exact order I will approach your training. Firstly I would like to see wether your joints are mobile enough to do all the basic movements, then wether you are able to stabilize those joints and lastly wether you are able to stabilize those joints under a load. Only then will I have a good view on how to fill in your training program. 

There are various ways of filling in your training program, but any way there is a minimum commitment needed of two hours of training per week. In the beginning it is strongly recommended to have personal training in both those sessions due to the fact that you are learning a new way of moving and many corrections might be needed to get you going properly. When you train less than two hours per week it only maintains the progress you made before and will give you minimum gains.

My Approach

Location @ EBP-Studio 

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